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WASTEC SA is a commercial/technical company and it is involved in the waste management sector from 1995. The scope of WASTEC's activities is the introduction in the rapidly growing Greek market of equipment, machineries, products, technologies and services in the following major fields:

  • Solid waste management (collection, transportation, recycling, final disposal etc.)
  • Public cleaning (street sweepers etc.)
  • Drain-sewer network management (suction/high pressure cleaning vehicle, tv inspection etc.)

The shareholders of WASTEC SA are Dipl. Engineers with long lasting activities and experience in the general field of environmental engineering, consulting and commercial services.

The company's permanent personnel covers adequately the disciplines of mechanical and environmental engineering as well as of marketing having been specialized in many applications of the above mentioned fields.

Our company is also supported by a carefully selected team of associates with high degree of expertise in their fields, covering effectively any kind of specialized technical, economic, financial and marketing aspects related to company's activities.

The main offices of our company as well as our main warehouses & workshop (1000 m2) are located in the city of Larissa (central Greece). Furthermore, we maintain fully staffed and equipped brunch office in Athens city.

In addition, our company has established a very carefully organized, staffed and equipped after sales technical support system being highly specialized to cover any matter with respect to the maintenance and repair of the whole range of our products.

So far WASTEC SA has been successfully cooperating via concrete exclusive business partnerships with various big European companies by promoting their products in the Greek market and it is considered of a high potential company in Greece.

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